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Tenting at Blue Gate Camping Farm

Welcome to our meticulously designed tenting sites at our campground. These sites cater specifically to tenters, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Each tenting site comes with its own parking spot conveniently located nearby. Whether you have a massive tent or a compact hammock tent, we have pitches available to accommodate tents of all sizes.

Our tenting sites are thoughtfully situated on lush grass, providing a serene and natural setting. Throughout the day, you'll find ample shade to keep you cool and comfortable. Rest assured, there is plenty of room for parking either directly at your tenting site or in close proximity.

While our tenting sites do not have electrical hook-ups, if you bring along an extension cord, we can often arrange for power connection. We strive to ensure your camping experience is as convenient as possible.

For those seeking a true backwoods adventure, we also offer a hike-in only site. This secluded spot, is located approximately above the main campground, atop the hill and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Join us at our campground, where tenting enthusiasts of all kinds can find their perfect spot. Experience the beauty of nature, the convenience of our facilities, and the joy of a truly

Our Tenting Sites

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