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Blue Gate Camping Farm

We are a farm camp, surrounded by pastures for horses and cows.  

*If you see a string fence assume it is electric!!  

We are nestled in the outskirts of our quiet village and are therefore a wild camp as well, with wild animals, please respect them! Make sure your garbage is in a closed container.   

Wi-Fi Is available throughout most of the campground.  Power is also available at designated spots, so feel free to charge up your devices before heading back to your campsite. 

At Blue Gate, we love kids and truly believe you're never too young (or old!) to go camping.  A trampoline, sandbox, & treehouse are just a few of the things we've got to keep your little ones busy.  


We have a (hot) outdoor shower and a sink for washing up and getting water.  The water in Tsatsarovtsi comes from a local spring and it is safe for drinking.  


Each campsite is equipped with a fire pit & there are chairs and tables if needed.​   

*Fires must be kept in the fire pit


Quiet time: 

14:00 -16:00 & 23:00 -07:00

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